In June 2017, we had the pleasure of recording “Ruth”, the latest production of the children musical organisation “KISI – God’s singing Kids”.

8 Cameras

We used 8 cameras: our cable cam (for the very first time), a steadycam, a camera on a motorised slider, three lead cameras, and two fixed cameras for the wide shots. Despite this extensive setup, we had a manageable and cost-effective team of just 6 people.


We recorded 4 live shows on consecutive days, all of them staged before a paying audience, i.e. in live conditions without the possibility of interruptions. Such a complex piece with many key scenes and big choreographed dance numbers was an exciting challenge for us. For the client, this was a cost-efficient opportunity to obtain a marketable recording without additional costs of their own, such as venue hire or actors’ fees etc. KISI is scheduled to bring the recording on the market as a DVD/BluRay and Digital Download in 2018.

We would like to extend our thanks to the entire KISI team for this opportunity to deploy our big setup, as well as for the excellent cooperation.