ZEITECHT captures your event – big or small – on video and brings it to social media, live or as highlight clips in real time. ZEITECHT: this is also us, a real-time video production startup based in Vienna. We would love to support your event on its way to the attention it deserves. With ZEITECHT, we have also made it extremely easy for you: we have packages for every budget, at fixed daily prices, without any nasty surprises.

Complete Multi-Camera Event Coverage

Up to 8 cameras, remote-controlled or mobile as a steadycam, crane cam or cable cam, with live directing, live editing, and recording in broadcast quality.

Instant Highlight Clips for Social Media

Your online community gets to see video highlight clips before the event is even finished. That’s the key to social media reach.


Whether on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter, your online community can fully immerse itself in your event. Or you could opt for a private stream and make your event accessible to only selected viewers.

On-Location Services

We can elegantly incorporate PowerPoint presentations, graphics or pre-produced video clips in the recording or stream, as well as provide a signal for the projection at the event location.

Additional Services for a Wider Reach

German or English subtitles, their translation (German-English/English-German), and our Video Selfie Corner ensure an even wider social media reach for your event.

Same-Day Delivery – Set Price, No Surprises

The video of your event is ready and delivered to you on the very same day. Our packages come at fixed daily prices and reflect the complete service, with no hidden costs.



Multi-camera recording with live directing, live editing & same-day delivery

Our goal is to follow each moment of your event as closely as possible, yet never be in your way or block the view for your guests. Using up to 8 cameras that are remotely controlled from a director’s desk at the back, we can capture your event from all perspectives but remain discreet. Mobile cameras (steadycam), crane cams or cable cams guarantee the dynamism of the shots and offer additional exciting perspectives. Thanks to live editing, you will receive the recording on a USB flash drive or as a download link immediately after the event.



Highlight Clips for Social Media in Real Time

The 21st century is marked by information overload and short attention spans – but your event should still get the attention it deserves. This means short, concise video clips that pop up on all relevant social media platforms as soon as possible. This is exactly what ZEITECHT does. Find out how this works and how you can benefit from it in this video.



Live Streaming

The world wants to follow some events as closely as possible and see them in their entirety. With live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, you can reach your online community in real time. It goes without saying that private streams, accessible to only a selected audience, are also available. But please note: not all events are best served by a public live stream. Often, it is short highlight clips that achieve the widest reach. Live streaming can also come with all sorts of pitfalls (keyword: music copyright). Is a live stream the best solution for your event? Do not hesitate to drop us a line and we will gladly advise you.



We have compiled ZEITECHT service packages for the most common event types and sizes. All prices represent a fixed package price per event day and do not include VAT. Of course, you are not limited to only these packages. You can customise your individual package by mixing and matching our services with the help of our configurator. If you have any questions or special requests which you can’t find on our list of services, feel free to get in touch. We love a good challenge and will surely find the right solution for you.

    • Product packages
    • Live editing and same-day delivery
    • Instant Highlight Clips for social media
    • Number of cameras
    • Incorporation of presentations
    • Wireless mobile camera (steadycam)
    • Incorporation of pre-produced clips + signal provision for the projection
    • Live streaming
    • Crane or cable cam
    • Subtitles for the Highlight Clips in German or English
    • Video Selfie Corner
    • Support for media outlets
    • zeitecht MINIMAL
    • Text Example

      For the smallest events (e.g. addresses, speeches or statements)

    • optional (+€ 300)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • 1,200per DAY (without VAT)
    • zeitecht BASIC
    • Text Example

      Perfect for lectures, readings, small conferences or press conferences

    • optional (+€ 1,200)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 800)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • 1,900per DAY (without VAT)
    • zeitecht STANDARD
    • Text Example

      Our standard package for small to medium events of any type

    • optional (+€ 1,200)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 1,600)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 800)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • 2,500per DAY (without VAT)
    • zeitecht EVENT
    • Text Example

      Ideal for gala events, award ceremonies, concerts or corporate events

    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 1,600)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 800)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • 3,900per DAY (without VAT)
    • zeitecht EVENT LIVE
    • Text Example

      The EVENT package with added live streaming on Facebook, YouTube or your own platform

    • optional (+€ 1,600)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • optional (+€ 800)
    • optional (+€ 500)
    • 4,400per DAY (without VAT)
    • zeitecht EVENT BIG
    • Text Example

      For big events which need a wide reach

    • 7,200per DAY (without VAT)

ZEITECHT in Detail – Our Services

Your event is unique and needs an individually tailored solution to help it come across in the best possible way. Have a virtual browse through our services or simply get in touch. We will gladly advise you about the services which can support your event effectively and efficiently. Or maybe you have a specific idea or request that you can’t find on our list? Feel free to ask us. We love a good challenge and will surely find the right solution for you.


Recording with live directing and live editing, including 2 cameras + Highlight Clips for social media

 1,600 / DAY

Recording in broadcast quality in full HD resolution (1920×1080).
4K available upon request (at an additional cost).
Price includes setup, dismantling, and crew.

Our basis for all ZEITECHT projects.

Additional stationary camera

 600 / DAY

Price per camera, including operator

Up to 8 discreet remote-controlled cameras ensure that every single moment of your event is captured on video.

Additional mobile camera with wireless transmission

 1,200 / DAY

Price per camera, including operator

A wireless mobile camera (steadycam), operated by an experienced operator, brings exciting additional perspectives and dynamism to the recording.

Live Streaming

 500 / DAY

Price per streaming platform

Live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo or on your own platform is available as an additional service for all packages. For a live stream, we need an on-site Internet connection with at least 5 Mbit upload bandwidth (not shared). If no such connection is available, please also book the package “Mobile Internet Uplink”.

Incorporation of presentations

 300 / DAY

We don’t record presentations (PowerPoint, pre-produced video clips) off the projection screen. Instead, we integrate them live – directly into the video – as a Picture-in-Picture. That way, the presentations are clearly legible, and the person presenting remains visible on screen.

Incorporation of pre-produced video clips and live signal provision for projection on location

 500 / DAY

including second director

Do you need the live coverage of the event and pre-produced video clips to be projected on the venue’s screens (IMAG)?
A second director will ensure that the screen always shows the right image or video, so that all guests, regardless of where they are sitting, can follow everything closely.
Please note that we provide the video signal, but not the projectors or the projection screens.  

Moving camera “Fancy” (crane cam or cable cam)

 1,600 / DAY

Price including crew

A crane or cable cam can offer dynamic shots from otherwise unavailable perspectives. Please note that the setup of the cable cam is dependent on the venue’s parameters and can be assessed only after a visit to the event location.

Mobile Internet Uplink

 1,000 / DAY

Price including on-location testing in advance

If there is no suitable internet connection at your event’s location, we can bring a mobile uplink consisting of multiple bundled LTE connections. However, this requires a test of the signal strength and of the available bandwidth to be carried out in advance.

Please note that this service may not be possible in very remote event locations.

All raw footage on a hard drive

 100 / DAY

Price including hard drive

Do you need the entire raw footage (from all cameras) in broadcast quality, as well as the live-edited material for further editing? We can copy all the material for you on a hard drive. However, due to the considerable data size (of a couple of terabytes), we cannot guarantee same-day delivery of the material. (This only applies to the raw footage. Rest assured that you will still receive your live-edited video product right after the event.)

Additional camera for sign language interpreter(s) (accessibility service)

 300 / DAY

Will your event be supported by a sign language interpreter? A stationary remote-controlled camera remains directed at your interpreter and the image is then incorporated in the live edit as a Picture-in-Picture.

(represents 50% discount on the regular package “Additional stationary camera”)

Incorporation of live captions (live subtitles) (accessibility service)

 150 / DAY

In addition to presentations, we can also include the signal of live captions as a Picture-in-Picture. If there is also need for simultaneous incorporation of the live recording, presentations, a sign interpreter and live captions, the screen is divided into multiple sections (split screen). The distribution on the screen can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Please note that we do not provide live caption services ourselves but we will happily work with your external service provider(s).

(represents 50% discount on the regular package “Incorporation of presentations”)

Additional Services for a Wider Reach

Video Selfie Corner

800 / DAY

Price including crew for up to 20 Clips

Using a concept similar to that of the photo box, we have a camera on the ready, set up in a pre-prepared area. Honorary guests, award winners or your event’s visitors can be invited to say a couple of words in front of that camera. This video clip can then be instantly posted on your event’s Facebook page or Twitter account, from where the person tagged can share it. In particular, prominent visitors with many followers can generate valuable clicks and likes for your event’s page. This concept is especially suitable for “Award Winner Interviews” at award ceremonies.

Subtitles in German or English

500 / DAY

Price for transcription and subtitling in one language (German OR English)
Price including translation (German-English OR English-German) € 1,100 / DAY

Videos on social media generate more views and have longer audience retention rates if they are accompanied by subtitles (in the event’s own language). These allow viewers to watch without having to turn on sound. If these subtitles are then translated, your event can reach much wider audiences: for German-language events, English subtitles open the door to worldwide reach, while German subtitles for English-language videos ensure that your internationally-minded event remains accessible to local viewers. Our qualified and experienced specialised translators can create both captions in the original language and translated subtitles for the Highlight Clips in the space of a few minutes after the video has been uploaded.

Please note that this price reflects the subtitling/translation of the Highlight Clips only (and not of the entire recording/live stream).

On-location support for media outlets

500 / DAY

Price including crew

A crew member on location can stay in contact with both present and remote newsgathering teams and provide them with broadcast-compliant video material on USB flash drives or as download links throughout and immediately after the event. From experience, smaller TV stations in particular are likely to accept such material, as it saves them the costs of sending their own camera crews. This might help generate coverage for your event on TV stations which would have otherwise ignored it.


Choose from one of our product packages or compile your very own personalised package.


You already know what you want or want to find out more about our services, references or our team?



We have already had the pleasure of capturing numerous exciting events for our clients. In this section, we would like to showcase these individual video products as examples of our services. The events range from small conferences (2 cameras) to an international musical production with 8 cameras. You can find updates about our ongoing work on our Facebook page:


Zero Project Conference 2018

Client: Zero Project / Essl Foundation 
Services: Multi-camera recording in 3 rooms incl. sign interpreting, presentations, live streaming, real-time production of winner clips of 80 awardees incl. subtitles (English)
Location: United Nations Office at Vienna


Pioneers 2018

Client: Habegger 
Services: 3 remote cameras incl. operator for client’s live event production (main stage)
Location: Hofburg, Vienna

more info about this project at  

International Conference for Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2018)

Client: Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Services: 3-camera live edit incl. presentations for local projection, live streaming to YouTube, recording
Location: Hofburg, Vienna

link to YouTube channel:  

Event Horizon 2018

Client: Habegger
Services: 4 remote cameras incl. operator for client’s live event production (main stage)
Location: Kraftwerk, Berlin

more info about this project at  

EURETINA Congress 2018

Client: EURETINA (Ireland)
Services: Real-time highlight clips incl. subtitles (English), Video Selfie Corner, Aftermovie
Location: Messe Wien


Gala and Award: Tax Consultant of the Year 2016, 2017 & 2018

Client: IFA (Austria)
Services: Multi-Camera live coverage for on-site projection
Location: Sophiensäle, Vienna, Austra

more info about this project  

European Utility Week 2018

Client: SPintelligent (South Africa) 
Services: Real-time production of on-site studio talks
Location: Messe Wien


European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Conference 2018

Client: ESFRI / Athena Research and Innovation Centre (Greece) 
Services: 3-camera live edit for local projection, recording and live streaming to Facebook
Location: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

link to YouTube stream:  

 Vienna Sport Stars (Wiener Sportstars) 2016/2017/2018

Client: Flanso 
Services: 5-camera live edit (incl. mobile camera) for local projection and recording
Location: Festsaal Rathaus, Vienna

more info about this project  

Recording: Chanson Evening with Michael Heltau (2018)

Client: Viktor Schaider 
Services: 2 remote cameras 4K incl. operator for client’s live event production
Location: Burgtheater, Vienna


Recording of the Musical “Ruth”, 2017

Client: KISI 
Services: 8 cameras (incl. cable cam and mobile steadicam) for recording (for DVD and download release)
Location: Stadttheater Gmunden (Upper Austria)

more info about this project  

Recording of the Musical “Luna”, 2017

Client: Theatercouch 
Services: 5 cameras (incl. mobile steadicam) for recording (for DVD and download release)
Location: Expedithalle, Vienna

more info about this project  

Media Innovation Orchestra (2018)

Client: MiO / Technochor 
Services: 5-camera live edit (incl. mobile steadicam) for recording
Location: Karl-Borromäussaal, Vienna


LOGIS Conference (2018)

Client: LOGIS (Czech Republic) 
Services: 2-camera live edit incl. presentations for recording/documentation
Location: Hilton, Vienna


Tag der Stiftungen (2018)

Client: Verband der Gemeinnützigen Stiftungen 
Services: 2-camera live edit incl. presentations for the documentation
Location: Capital Bank, Vienna


Arbeit für Alle Conference (2018)

Services: Documentation/aftermovie with a mobile steadicam 
Location: Katamaran, Vienna

  link to the aftermovie on YouTube

Power Parade 2018

Client: Assistenz24 GmbH
Services: 3-camera live edit and live streaming of the Parade from a moving e-car
Location: Ring/Heldenplatz, Vienna


Conference: Mittelstand im Mittelpunkt (2017/2018)

Client: Die Presse Services: Social media clip and aftermovie
Location: Palais Hansen Kempinski, Vienna


Die Presse Design 2018

Client: Die Presse 
Services: Real-time production of social medi teaser, aftermovie
Location: MAK, Vienna

link to the aftermovie at  

Future Law Konferenz 2018

Client: bseen 
Services: 3-camera live edit (incl. presentations), live streaming, recording
Location: Hyatt Hotel, Vienna


IWI Festival (2018)

Client: IWI 
Services: 2-camera live edit, recording
Location: WUK, Vienna


Beschwerdechor (2018)

Client: Beschwerdechor 
Services: 6 cameras incl. mobile steadicam for recording of the performance
Location: Maria Gugging


GEN Summit 2017 & Data Journalism Award Ceremony

Client: W24 
Services: 3-camera live edit inkl. presentations, live streaming to Facebook/YouTube, recording
Location: Austrian Academy of Sciences & Hofburg, Vienna

more info about this project  

Right-wing Extremism Conference 2017

Client: Green Party’s faction in the Austrian Parliament 
Services: 2-camera live edit incl. presentations for recording
Location: Parliament, Vienna

more info about this project  

Millstatt Music Weeks (Musikwochen Millstatt)

Client: Viktor Schaider 
Services: 2 remote cameras for client’s live event production 
Location: Millstatt am See (in Carinthia, Austria)


The Concept / The Company

ZEITECHT is a concept for the best possible video communication of events on social media, relying on more than 15 years of experience and development. Under the roof of zeitecht KG, we have united this experience with the innovative strength and dynamism of a startup, so that we can offer ZEITECHT as a solution that fits your event.

Digital Video Natives

We, the founders of zeitecht KG – Daniel Binder (Director) and Johannes Öhe (Technical Director) – have more than 15 years of joint experience with video on the Internet. Already in 2005, a long time before YouTube or Facebook existed in Austria, we assisted on the live streaming of events, at the time as part of the TV project (UTV.Wien) of the University of Vienna. Following this pioneer phase, we have gained a lot of experience and developed solutions for the effective communication of video on social media. With the founding of zeitecht KG in Vienna, we have transformed this extensive experience into specific solutions. We are now happy to be able to offer these advanced solutions for your event.

Partners, Not Just Service Providers

zeitecht KG is not a universal event equipment provider; it specialises in the best possible implementation of successful video communication of events on social media. Our services, our technical setup, and our workflows are developed and optimised to this exclusive end. We are service providers who fulfil the requests of clients in the best possible way, but we are also much more. We see ourselves as your partner who can support you at each stage of your event’s journey – from the planning stage to the day of your event. A partner who listens to you and can offer tried and tested suggestions about how your event can be communicated even better.

Mobility, Flexibility, Efficiency, and Uncompromising Broadcast Quality

Our setup is extremely compact and contains many own developments which permit us to work with the smallest team possible and remain discreet during your event. All our stationary cameras can be remotely controlled from the director’s desk. We don’t require any bulky platforms where camera operators could end up getting in the way of your audience. Our preconfigured modules minimise the space we need on location, and also reduce the time for setup and dismantling. Throughout all that, we maintain uncompromising broadcast standards for image and sound quality.

Innovation and Own Development

One of our trademarks is the excitement for the work that we do, both conceptually and technically. This means that we are constantly on the lookout for better and more efficient solutions. We instantly integrate the latest technical developments to improve our efficiency. In fact, we are the first in Austria when it comes to some of these camera systems. And where the market does not offer a fitting option, we get to work ourselves and develop our own hardware and software solutions in cooperation with our partners. We are just as motivated when it comes to innovative approaches to sharing video on social media, such as the Highlight Clips or our Video Selfie Corner.

Our Team – Digital Video Natives

We, the founders and directors, Daniel Binder and Johannes Öhe, have more than 15 years of joint experience with video on the Internet, camerawork and editing for live TV, documentary feature films and live event video. Together with our crew and a broad network of freelance camera operators and technicians, we have had the pleasure of supporting numerous events and are looking forward to new exciting projects.


Working Languages: German, English

Founder & Managing Director

Johannes ÖHE

Working Languages: German, French and English

Founder & Technical Director

Project Schedule

What is the course of a typical project? What do we need from you? A short guide:

1. Request a quote

Either email us or call us to request a quote. Ideally, this should happen at least a month before your scheduled event. Depending on our availability, however, we can also work on short notice.

2. Consultation

Ideally, we will schedule a meeting with you, at which you can describe your event as well as your needs and goals in detail, and at which we can support you in choosing the most fitting services. Alternatively, this stage can also happen over the phone.

3. Offer

We will then provide you with an offer. If you accept our offer, we will invoice you for 25% of the price for the entire project as an advance payment. Following this stage, you have securely booked our services.

4. Location inspection (approx. 2 weeks before the event)

Before the event, we will schedule an inspection of your event’s venue. Ideally, this should be accompanied by the on-site technician and by representatives of the sound, light and interpretation providers for the event.

5. Setup (on the day of the event or one day in advance)

Depending on the size of the event and its starting time, we should have access to the venue at least a few hours in advance in order to set up. In the case of all-day events, we need to be able to set up on the day before the event. For evening events, beginning to set up early on that very same day should be sufficient.

6. On the day of your event

In close cooperation with your social media and/or PR team, we will record your event, prepare the Highlight Clips or transmit the live stream. We will also hand over the entire recording to you at the end of the event. The dismantling will follow immediately after the event.


Request a quote/Contact

We would love to support you with your event.

How to contact us

Please use the contact form, send us an email or call us during business hours.


zeitecht KG, Vienna, Austria

+43 660 381 1151